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Chatham Bars Inn was originally developed in 1914, as a semi-private hunting lodge for wealthy Boston vacationers. Early advertisements boasted of "plastered, soundproof accommodations with electric lights, steam heat, long distance telephones, and private bathrooms featuring both fresh and salt water baths." The hotel soon operated its own farm, which provided fresh produce and dairy products for guests’ meals. It quickly earned a reputation as Cape Cod’s most elegant, self-contained tourist destination. Later, the Inn’s appeal was expanded with the addition of an adjacent 9-hole golf course. Under its present owner, only the third in the past century, Chatham Bars Inn has undergone a $100 million renovation that has left nothing untouched. All rooms in the Main Inn were completely renovated, as were its restaurants and public rooms. The cottages were completely redesigned and reconstructed from scratch. Old world charm was retained but updated with every modern convenience and amenity. Since then, the Inn has won numerous awards including the prestigious Forbes Four-Star award. It has become a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, and has been named one of the top resorts in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and the best hotel on Cape Cod by Boston Magazine.

297 Shore Rd, Chatham, MA
phone: 800-332-1577

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Chatham Beach Closes Due to Man O' War Sighting
Monday August 08, 2022
CHATHAM ? A Chatham beach saw closures this afternoon following similar incidents this past weekend due to a number of Man O' War found washed ashore. Chatham officials closed Harding's Beach to swimming until 1:30 today due to two reported man o' war. The closing follows other beach shutdowns that occurred Saturday and Sunday at [?] The post Chatham Beach Closes Due to Man O' War Sighting appeared first on
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