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Based on the famous pizzas of Wooster Street in New Haven, CT, Sweet Tomatoes' pizza is thin crust "Neapolitan" style. Using a whole wheat flour blend for our crust, our signature chunky tomato sauce and quality cheeses and meats, we make one of the best pizzas you will try! Our menu varies by location. Please click on the pages on the right to view our selections by location. A small pizza (14") is good for 1-2 people, a large (18") for 2-4 people. Pizzas may be ordered with "light on the chunks" sauce - just ask!

790 Main Street, Chatham, MA
phone: (508) 348-0200
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Monomoy Dollars for Scholars Now Accepting Scholarship Applications
Thursday January 23, 2020
Deck: Scholarships Available for Monomoy High School Students and Home Schooled Students of Chatham and HarwichTowns: ChathamHarwichTopic: EducationHub Category: EducationAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Scholarships Available for Monomoy High School Students and Home Schooled Students of Chatham and HarwichMain Image: Thumbnail Image: Body:  Monomoy Dollars for Scholar's scholarship season opens February 1st. Any senior who is a resident of Chatham?
Federal dredge to clear Chatham's Stage Harbor channel
Wednesday January 22, 2020
CHATHAM – The dredging of the Stage Harbor channel began this week, and not a moment too soon, as fishing vessel captains have been telling Harbormaster Stu Smith that it's difficult to leave the harbor, even at high tide.“I spoke to one fisherman, and he was locked in there,” Smith said Tuesday.The USS Currituck, a federal dredge vessel servicing ports from Florida to Maine, will be in Chatham for three weeks, digging out the channel to a depth of 10 feet [...]
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