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I’ll come to your home and prepare entrees and side dishes -- enough for you, your family and friends or however many meals you would like.

You decide how many you want to feed. You can eat what I’ve prepared for dinner right away, or leave some in the refrigerator to eat in the next day or two.
You can also have me make extra and I'll be happy to freeze some for later use. This is FULL SERVICE. That is, I’ll shop for the food based on your menu selection; and if necessary, bring my own pots and pans, spices, herbs and all of the supplies needed to prepare your meals. And, when I’ve finished I’ll leave your kitchen as clean as when I arrived.

P.O. Box 567, North Chatham, MA
phone: 508-945-0632
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VIDEO: Cilantro the Seal?s triumphant return to the sea?
Tuesday July 07, 2015
As you will hear in the footage, Cilantro is a weanling male Gray seal that stranded on South Beach in Chatham on May 2 with a severe infection. Cilantro was branded by researchers in Canada and for some reason the brand became seriously infected sometime this past winter. He was in the care of the [?]
First white shark of 2015 tagged today
Monday July 06, 2015
Greg Skomal of the Ma. Division of Marine Fisheries,working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, tagged the first white shark of the 2015 season off Chatham this afternoon. The shark, tagged by the south cut in Chatham, was about 13-feet long, according to AWSC, an Orleans-based nonprofit.
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